About Us


Origin Story

Furtees is a family run business based out of Coventry, CT founded in early 2020. We come from a household in the country side of 2 rescued German Shepherd Dogs, and as of recently a kitten, where we spend much of our time hiking and biking with Max & Hazel in Nathan Hale state forest. Our mission with Furtees is to spread the joy of having such loyal companions through both our products and by giving back via donations to rescues and shelters around the globe. If you're part of an organization that is in need, we invite you to reach out to us as we're always looking for new groups to support. We don't ask for anything in return, just that you continue your dedication to helping our furry friends find a loving home. 



The Family


The bestest big brother; protector of the realm; all bark and no bite; first of his name; Mr. Max. Maxwell is a purebread Sable GSD adopted from Pack Leaders Rescue of Manchester, CT in 2015 as a ~1 year old.


The crazy little sister. Hazel is mostly German Shepherd with a slice of Husky and potentially Mailnois. She was adopted at 6 months and immediately became the energy of the family!


This little kitten was just added to the family in the spring. She was part of a litter born to someone in our town who couldn't keep the kittens. Her and Hazel are inseparable. You can usually find them playing on the couch or the kitten sneaking up to attack, what a funny pair!