Posted by Lisa Stardust on Oct 13th 2020

October Pet Horoscopes

October brings sweeping changes to every pooch and kitten in the world. Here are a few events that will rock the socks off of every canine and feline:

There are two Full Moons this month: the Harvest Moon in Aries on October 1st and the Blue Hunter’s Moon on Halloween. The Libra New Moon occurs on October 16th. All three of these luminaries are pushing growth and evolution in relationships. Mercury’s backwards spin starts on October 13th in Scorpio, which creates a whole lot of confusion and revelations. What a spooky, yet transformative month it is!

This month, you’re feeling as though your pack and pet parents aren’t giving you enough TLC. Before you act out and eat another pair of slippers from your pet pet parent’s closet, think about whether or not this is the best way to act. Being a little passive aggressive may be the answer to your emotional quandary, as they’ll quickly notice your annoyance at them when you choose to glare at them instead of cuddling,

Stop stressing the small stuff. Instead of worrying about what your pals are up to everyday and who they’re running around with at the dog park, focus on how you can get your pet parent to let you spend more time at the park to be wild and free with your pack. Changing your outlook on matters will offset your vibe. It’ll turn you into a more optimistic “can do” type of canine or feline.

A few members of your squad may turn out to be phony and not have your best interests at heart. Here is the absolute truth: You don’t need to have that energy in your life. Connect with members of your pack who have your back in a catfight and who’ll never leave your side — no matter what. You deserve Real pups and kittens in your orb. There’s no room for fakeness in your life.

You’re in the mood to warm up on the couch with your pet parents this month rather than galavanting around town. Cozy season is here and it is time for you to hunker down with your fam and enjoy all their warm snuggles. This is the perfect time for you to bond and receive extra TLC from your human brood. If you are lucky, they may give you a few extra treats and gifts too.

It’s never too late to do the right thing, even if that defies your prideful demeanor. You’ve been a bad little pooch or kitty — making a mess out of your food bowl, scratching the walls and couch, growling and hissing all night, and tossing all of your toys out of their bin. Now, you feel bad because you’ve upset your pet parent. Give them a tender puppy eyed stare and they will forgive you.

Real bark: Your self-esteem has been at a low these past months. And, this month you’re finally leveling up the relationship you have with yourself. The caveat is that you’re unsure of what steps to take to receive continued confidence in October. If you can, look at your reflection in a mirror or window. Bark or meow your best qualities everyday. These positive affirmations will have you not just seeing but believing in your fabulousness.

Love doesn't come easy this month. If there is a special furry critter you’re crushing on (and we know there is), you should let them know how you feel. If you choose to hold back your emotions, then you may find yourself alone. Stop worrying about rejection. Odds are, they feel the same way about you. Be the bold pup or kitty cat that you are — take a chance when it comes to romance.

There’s been a lot of drama in your posse recently. But, for the sake of getting along and being in agreement with others, you are all willing to squash the issues, shake paws, and move away from the unpleasantries. Before you walk away from an argument, make sure you’re heard loud and clear and that your feelings are acknowledged by them. If not, then the same issues can arise again in the upcoming months ahead.

Sometimes you put your paw in your mouth (so to speak) and it creates a lotta mess with those you care about. In fact, you find yourself often doggy paddling your way out of controversy because you couldn’t control your bark. Think matters through before stating them to avoid conflict. You may accidentally spill the beans on a secret, which’ll render you a gossip. Be cognizant of what you bark and how you expess it.

It’s time for you to wake up from your seasonal daydreams and step outside into the world. Jump into a bunch of leaves, run in the autumnal sun, and shake your tail feather. Go have fun with your pack and howl your hearts out during the Harvest Moon on October 1st and the rare Blue Hunter’s Moon on Halloween. Enjoy all the autumnal richness that this month offers to your personal relationships and overall vibe.

Being at peace with oneself is a lifelong process. However, this month you are making major strides towards evolving the relationship you have with yourself. No longer will you think negatively of your actions and life. You will start to see matters from a clearer and more positive perspective — including yourself. This will help you bring amazing things such as amazing friendships and a closer relationship with your family into your life. You got this!

Setting boundaries is very hard, especially for a canine or feline like you who doesn’t like to be direct with others about their feels. However, the time has come for you to step up your emotional game and ensure that your human pet parents know their limits with you. Trust us, this will come in handy on Halloween when they try to dress you up in a costume you’re not vibing with. Stand your ground.